Monkey Swing

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Monkey Swing was developed in collaboration with the Consortium for Research and Evaluation of Advanced Technologies in Education (C.R.E.A.T.E lab) at New York University. The game design and development was led by Shashank Pawar. The graphic design was led by Emma Wang and Bhavana Budithi. Find more about the game here

Killer Snails

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Killer snails was designed as a part of the Killer Snails Project at American Museum of Natural History. The game design team included Nicholas Fortugno, Patrick Mooney and Shashank Pawar. Find out more about the game here

The Disappearing Island

Disappearing Island

The PoLAR Partnership hosted a Climate Game Jam at Columbia University on October 2-3, 2015. The Disappearing Island won the best game award at this event. The game was created by Mark Madison, David Perry, Lizelle Serrano and Shashank Pawar. Find out more about the game here

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