Summary of skills

  • 6 years of experience designing digital games for learning.
  • PhD in Educational Technology, M.S. in Games for Learning, and Computer Science & Engineering.
  • Cross-disciplinary skill set with work experience in commercial and academic settings.
  • Broad skill set including Game design, System design, UX research, Data analysis and Game Development (Unity C#) skills.

Game design skills

  • Award winning game designer with experience in developing digital and non-digital games.
  • Solid understanding of game design fundamentals with excellent academic record in graduate-level game design courses.
  • Ability to communicate game design concepts with 2 years of experience teaching game design to high school students.

System Design skills

  • Lead System Designer for a highly-effective patented personalized learning platform at Age of Learning
  • Scientific expertise in adaptive game system design with several publications in renowned journals
  • Experienced in designing and implementing algorithms to enhance system functionality.

User Research skills

  • Proficient in designing research studies using quantitative, mixed, and qualitative research methods.
  • Experienced in using research methods including game telemetry, think-aloud protocol, user observation, video coding, interviewing, surveys, questionnaires, and digital task measures.
  • Skilled at conducting design research including Ideation, Playtesting, Usability, A/B testing, and Efficacy research.

Data analysis skills

  • In-depth knowledge of statistical methods including Analysis of variance, Linear Regression, Multiple Regression, T-tests, Clustering.
  • Ability to analyze game telemetry and statistical data in R, Python, and SPSS.
  • Efficient at visualizing statistical data for sharing research outcomes with different teams.