The Crystal Ball : How to understand people?

Human minds are complex entities, we say something, we do something else. We act based on our surroundings, we act in a certain way when we’re at school or work and in a different way when at home or when hanging out with friends. This poses an issue for interaction designers and UI/UX researchers to study human behavior. How do we predict what will happen in peoples’ minds when they interact with our product? What will they do? How will they feel? These are the times when we feel most in need of a crystal ball! A magical portal that would answer all these question. But until something of the sort is invented we have to make do with something less fantastical, a Matchmaker!

But before we dive into mapping research methods with factors of human mind lets have a look at model describing the categories of mental factors. The model described by Klöckner and Blöbaum (2010), categorizes these factors into Habitual, Intentional and Situational processes. In simple terms, habitual processes are automated process in the brain a.k.a things that we do naturally without a lot of articulate thought. Intentional processes are intentions, attitudes and beliefs that you hold towards the entities presented. Situational processes are the influences that external or internal factors have on your behavior, these influences might be conscious (i am an honest person, hence i wont lie) or sub-conscious (i like blondes more than redheads).



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Klöckner, C., Blöbaum, A., (2010). A comprehensive action determination model:
toward a broader understanding of ecological behaviour using the example of
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