Climate change Digital Media – 2: Ecoviate

Ecoviate App
Ecoviate App

Ecoviate promotes eco-friendly activities by providing rewards for sharing pictures through the App. The App has a point system which is based on ‘Liking’ and ‘Getting Likes’ and hence promotes sharing of eco-friendly activities. The App works in a very simple way, you take a picture of an eco-friendly activity you have done and post it. As it shows up on peoples feed, they can like and comment on your post. You then get rewards based on the number of likes you have gained.

The good things about the design of the app is the framework. It reinforces social engagement on the topic of eco-friendly activities and rewards users for doing so. Moreover, the posts by users also serve the purpose of communicating ideas of ‘going green’ to the whole community. The reward system is also an important inclusion as it promotes competition among users which increases the activity among the community.

That being said, the lack of popularity if the app might be linked to a lack of strong community, lack of meaningful rewards and/or lack of external framework (like roping in Facebook friends or Twitter followers). Moreover, it is possible that the app would do better if the incentive system was community based rather than individual.

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