Climate change Digital media – 1: Fate of the World


Fate of the world is a 4X Strategy-Simulation game which puts the player in the shoes of a world environmental leader (imagine UN but more powerful). The stage is set exactly as the current situation of the world and the goal is to achieve sustainable growth of the world by managing a complex web of political, economic and social issues which are connected to the problem of climate change.

The appeal of the game is in strategic decision making but can certainly deliver a huge impact in terms of climate change awareness. By involving the player in strategic decision making at a global scale, the game not only exposes her to the web of issues related to climate change but also motivates her to generate intricate plans to achieve the specified goals.

The narrative of the game is very realistic and locates the player in the virtual yet very real world. The statistics of various climate change factors like emission levels, temperature, carbon footprint, etc. are exactly the way they were when the game was released and follow the same rate of change as realistically predicted. By putting out the situation exactly the way it is the game intensifies the gravity of the situation, as it conveys the worrisome real-life scenario instead of a fictitious one.

Although the game doesn’t provide any tools for engaging the learners in behavioral change it does a great job at describing, in-depth, the seriousness of the issue. At the same time, it also enlightens the learners about the various interconnected issue and encourages them to look at the issue holistically.

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