RetroFitting Ubiquitous Devices to Save the Environmenta

Product #1: The Orange Chef Counter-top Preparation Pad

The Orange Chef Counter-top prep pad is a kitchen appliance which provides real-time, graphical data about the nutrition value of the food placed on it. It works with a mobile app, which can be used to select the type of food item placed on the device. The device calculates the weight of the food only, by calculating (and then saving) the weight of the container. It can be used to keep track of the nutrition value in one’s diet.

Proposed Design

  • The device functionality can be extended to track the use of various ingredients and then generate a weekly/monthly Eco-score based on that. Example: Consuming red meat is less Eco-friendly hence would reduce the Eco-score.
  • The Eco-score would be relative to the average score and week by week progress will be tracked based on that.
  • The device can also suggest Eco-friendly food alternatives to help users increase their Eco-score.
Theory Of Change

Product #2: Amazon Dash Button

The amazon dash button allows clients to order household supplies with the push of a button. The type of item to be ordered is pre-selected by the user and then every press of the button results into delivery fulfillment.

Proposed Design 

  • Use Amazon Dash buttons for food supplies by placing them in kitchen cabinets and fridge.
  • This leads to ordering of items as they are required rather than in bulk (which might lead to wastage of food items)
  • The contextualization of the interaction of the task of ordering promotes timely ordering  of food items and less food wastage.
User Scenarios: With and Without Product
User Scenarios: With and Without Product

Product #3: Moen MotionSense Hands-free Faucet

The Moen MotionSense faucets have front and top sensors which provide hands free interaction. The selling point of these, over any other sensor-based faucets is the top sensor which allows continuos flow of water once engaged without worrying about constantly triggering the front sensor by having to keep your hand in front of it.

Proposed Design

  • This product does a great job at conserving water by automizing the faucet controls.
  • A change that can be made to the design is to move the temperature control, which is currently situated at the bottom of the sink, to the body of the faucet.
  • This will allow immediate feedback to the user about the water temperature and hence reduce water wastage which occurs as the user keeps the faucet on while moving back and forth between the far situated temperature control and the faucet head to adjust the water temperature.
Proposed Design
Proposed Design

Theory of Change

  • User installs new Moen Faucet-> Adjusts water temperature faster due to quick feedback-> Less Water Wastage-> Environmentally Sustainable Behavior

Image Source

Bulb light with tree inside on blue background: mattwalker69

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